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Nous vous avons déjà informés que l' Oxford Center for Animal Ethics www.oxfordcenterforanimalethics (voir aussi notre lien qui suit le communiqué ci-dessous)  du professeur Andrew Linzey et le St Stephen  Anglican College d'Oxford, organisent  du  21 au 23 juillet 2014, à Oxford, une université d'été sur les religions et la protection animale. Cet événement s'annonce  comme un grand succés car une soixantaine de conférenciers - enseignants universitaires, des chercheurs académiques et des leaders religieux appartenant à toutes les grandes religions se sont déjà inscrits au programme. C'est donc avec raison que le Centre dans son communiqué parle du plus important événement concernant les religions et les animaux jamais tenu. J.N

Voici le communiqué en anglais de l'Oxford Center for Animal Ethics

Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
Helping people to think differently about animals
We are on the cusp of holding the most important event on religion and animals ever held.
The response to our first Oxford Summer School on Religion and Animal Protection has been terrific.
More than 60 speakers from around the globe representing all the major religions will be presenting from 21-23 July 2014.
Already we are almost sold out even though the programme has not been formally published.  But it is now.  See here ( for the three packed days of intellectual exchange and debate.
We are delighted to announce that the Most Revd Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokleia will give the opening presentation on ‘Compassion for Animals in the Orthodox Church’.
We have done all this on a very limited budget, but it will undoubtedly have a big impact on religious thought about animals.
In addition, the latest book in the Palgrave Macmillan Series on Animal Ethics is Christian Theology and the Status of Animals by Centre Associate Fellow Ryan Patrick McLaughlin. Dr McLaughlin’s book is a tremendous accomplishment – one of the very best to highlight the resources within Christianity for a positive view of animals.  More details are available here ( .
We are also delighted to announce that Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s foreword to The Global Guide to Animal Protection has received international coverage and acres of comment on the web.  It has really helped to put animals on the agenda of the churches.  Details of the book are available here ( .  Please help us ensure that every library in the world has a copy of these books.
All this adds to our core mission which is to change the world for animals by helping people to see animals differently.  Without this intellectual change there can be no lasting improvement in the way they are treated.  But there is so much that needs to be done, and we have so few resources.  We work flat out here, seven days a week.
Every gift, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. For details of how you can help see here ( .
With every good wish
The Revd Professor Andrew Linzey
Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics





L'université de Winchester, en Angleterre, a créé la première chaire universitaire au monde de théologie animale. Ce poste a été confié pour l'année académique 2013-14 à un grand théologien, le professeur Andrew Linzey PhD, DD, Hon DD, membre de la Faculté de Théologie de l'université d'Oxford, fondateur-directeur de l'Oxford Center for Animal Ethics, prêtre  anglican (Cf. ci-dessus).

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